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A consultation can be beneficial for a number of reasons. For someone that has never tried slings before, it is a chance to see several different types of carriers demonstrated and explained, and to try them yourself. For existing babywearers, they can be an opportunity to maximise the benefits of your carrier or to increase versatility. During my training, I lost count of the times we all exclaimed "I wish I'd known this X years ago!". 


My priority will always be the safety of the child, but there is also an emphasis on the comfort of you and your little one.  I can come to your home (within a 10 mile radius) or you can come to mine, whichever you would prefer. Consultations are for one-to-one  tuition. I can accommodate a second person as a spectator but there will be a small additional charge if they wish to participate as the session will be a little longer.


As well as using carriers with my daughter since birth, I have recently completed a four day Slingababy training course and will be attending top up workshops as often as I am able to. Please see my consultancy package page for the options available to you. If you don't see a package here that meets your needs, please contact me to discuss.


Please note that until Spring 2016 I will not be taking on back wrapping consultations due to me recently having had a baby and being somewhat out of practice! I'm happy to help troubleshoot existing back wrappers at sling meets, however.