Consultation Packages


Full Consultation - up to 2 Hours 

This is the longest single session and gives a comprehensive overview of different types of carriers and uses. The carriers shown will be tailored around the needs of you and your child and will be discussed before we meet. I recommend this session for beginners or anyone looking to move on from a high street carrier.



Twins Consultation - up to 2 Hours 

A longer session designed to help parents use a selection of different carriers both for one child, and also introducing tandem carrying options, allowing both babies to be carried simultaneously in stretchy or woven wraps. 



Pregnancy/Newborn - 2 x Sessions of up to 1.5 Hours each.

A two-part session. I will meet with you towards the end of your pregnancy to discuss carrier choices and help you decide on a carrier purchase. You will have the opportunity to watch me demonstrate the carriers as well as try for yourself if you wish. 


After the birth, you can book in your second session. I can attend your home or even the hospital if they will permit it. I will focus on helping you use your chosen carrier safely and effectively, and address any questions you might have. This session is not likely to take more than an hour, but 1.5 hours will be scheduled so that the new parents are not rushed and can prioritise their baby.


Payment in full for both sessions is required at time of booking.



Standard Consultation - up to 1 Hour

This is an ideal option if you have your carrier and want some help getting it correctly fitted. This can include troubleshooting, switching from front to back carries or simply going back to basics and learning how to use the carrier from scratch.  It's also ideal if you're looking to move from high street carriers, buckles or stretchies to woven wraps.  



Private Library Appointment - 30 Minutes

A short session designed for anyone who wants to hire a carrier but can't make a sling meet. You'll have the opportunity to try out several carriers at my home address in Ash Vale, either with your own child or a demo doll. Session includes a 2 week hire fee for your chosen carrier (deposit will be payable, see library page for prices and sling selection.).


Group "Intro to Babywearing" Session - Up to 2.5 hours

A longer session, ideal for NCT groups or any small group of pregnant friends (with or without partners!). I'll discuss babywearing safety, healthy positioning and show you how to use a stretchy wrap. Then you'll all have the opportunity to try out a wrap using a weighted demo doll to build your confidence before your baby arrives.. Session includes a 2 week hire fee for your chosen carrier (deposit will be payable, see library page for prices and sling selection.).

£20.00 per person (3-6 people)


Special Circumstances

This could be a baby or toddler with physical impairments that would require additional considerations when selecting a sling, or a parent/carer with a disability/impairment that requires more logistical consideration than a general fitting. I will come to you and discuss your situation and requirements to see if there is a solution for you. For particularly complex cases I will make two visits. The first will be to chat and discuss the situation, take notes and get a good idea of what's required. Rather than making on the spot decisions, I will then take time to further research, speak with colleagues who may have experienced similar, and ensure I have the very best solutions in stock for you before returning.  

Free (additional mileage charges apply for 10 miles+)



I offer a number of different package options for customers according to their requirements. If you don't see a package here that meets your needs, please contact me to discuss.


Please note that the time allowed is approximately 30 minutes longer than necessary. This is to ensure that you have adequate time to ask questions and go over anything you're not feeling confident with. It also gives ample time for baby feeding and changing breaks where necessary. It's important that both you and baby are happy and comfortable, hence I work around you. 

Payment is due at time of booking, or cash on the day. Full refunds will be given for cancellations made up to 24 hours before appointment time, or in the event of me having to cancel for any reason. Cancellations after this time will be refunded minus a £10.00 late cancellation fee. Advance payment can be taken via bank transfer or PayPal. 


Consultation fees do not include sling hire unless specified, although this can be arranged if required. Please see my Library pages for hire fees and deposit details.


Fee includes travelling of up to 10 miles from my home in Ash Vale. I will happily travel further but there will be an additional charge of £5.00 per 10 miles (up to a maximum distance of 30 miles). This is to account not only for fuel but the additional time required.