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Slingababy training complete!

November 17, 2014

This is my first blog post as a Slingababy trained consultant! And I feel a LOT more different than I imagined I would!


Firstly, I have to wildly sing the praises of Lorette, who runs the courses. I've joked for the last few days that she's like Yoda but she REALLY is. I've never met anyone with such a comprehensive knowledge of carriers, uses (standard, alternative and completely outside the box), tips, tricks.... she blew my mind several times a day. In fact I think she started rather enjoying the childish expressions of surprise she was getting from me every time she changed an entire carry with a shoulder flip or transformed a large mei tai into a safe and secure newborn carrier. Her no-nonsense, kind attitude, phenomenal knowledge, positive teaching style and wicked sense of humour made the course an absolute joy. 


I was also lucky enough to have been joined by three other ladies on my 4 day journey, all of whom I hope to remain in contact with.  Not only did we get to hone our individual skills, we also worked as a team, using the strengths of one to improve where there might have been a weakness in another. I hate to sound trite but I think I learned a lot from them as well. 


We were also lucky enough to have a plethora of beautiful Je Porte Mon Bebe carriers. I must confess to becoming rather partial to them when I tried them so I'm delighted to have them in my demo stash and library stock. While I was down there, I also "accidentally" purchased an Action Baby Carrier (ABC) for the library and borrowed a Girasol Moor from the beautiful Maria at Simply Mei Tai to use as a demo wrap. She also cooked me a delicious roast dinner, so I feel pretty spoiled this week!


So watch out this week for consultancy details. But it won't be tonight. I'm getting too old for this learning lark, I need an early night! 




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