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....and a happy New Year!

Apologies for my quietness on the blog front. We've had a red cross painted on our door in the weeks running up to Christmas. Then Christmas happened (and boy, did it happen! My front room still hasn't recovered from the avalanche of stuff bestowed on my kids.) so here we are.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and were gifted with gorgeous slingy presents. I was lucky enough to be given a beautiful "Mischief Managed" preschool carrier from the gorgeous bods at Connecta (I will get some decent shots of it, I promise!) and a lovely Girasol Northern Lights shoulder bag from my lovely hubby. I might have sent him some Love To Be Natural links on email as a little hint.

I'm not a huge fan of New Year's resolutions, but this year I am vowing NOT to keep buying carriers that I do not need as Smorlest* is not the most enthusiastic wrappee at the moment. That being said, I have a quite disgraceful three en route (bargain pre-loved Artipoppe shorty, Oscha sale ring-sling and a Natibaby preorder - oops) so I will need to establish a bit of self-control come January!

I've been discussing Rucking Marvellous Babywearing a lot with a good friend recently who has some awesome ideas of different directions that the business can go. It's all baby steps (snort) at the moment but I'm hoping she will be officially joining me soon at RM HQ. Watch this space!

Anyway, here's a heartwarming image of my children unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning. This was the only point during the entire day when one wasn't trying to murder the other.


* FYI "smorl" is how my eldest described his baby sister in a piece of homework. "I have a baby sister. She is corld Sophie. She is very smorl. " I found it so cute that the word "smorl" stuck. You might see it a lot so I thought I should explain.