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Preparing for the new arrival...

So here I am at a very rotund 32 weeks pregnant, with my eldest child. We were at a christening and it's the first time this pregnancy that I've actually felt like I might be "blooming". My previous looks varied between "were you drinking last night" and "are you coming down with something",

The blog has thus far been pretty quiet as I've not had an awful lot to say. I'm not babywearing at all now, as S is now 4 and very rarely wants "up", but I'm really looking forward to a new wearing journey opening up for me in a few weeks.

I've not really prepared for this baby at all, barring the purchase of slings so I thought I'd give a bit of an insight into what I'm planning to use and why, for my tiny squish. My stash for Pedro (the nickname my bump has for now!) has 4 elements. Stretchies, ring slings, buckles and wovens.

The stretchy that I'm planning on using is the Library's JPMBB basic stretchy. I always said that I'd carry my next squish in a JPMBB as I think they're the absolute pinnacle of stretchy wraps, but having tried both the Original and the Basic, my heart definitely belongs to the latter. It feels luxurious in hand and the two way stretch lends it fantastic elasticity. It's always been my favourite for newborn consultation demos, and so it seems right that I pinch it from stock for a couple of months.

I've got a wide variety of ring slings in my stash for when baby arrives. This is purely because I am a complete sucker with no self-control. One is more than adequate. But I like pretty stuff and this will be my last baby. So I have lots. There's a couple of high-end ones in there but there's some gorgeous "cheap and cheerful" ones too that are equally cherished. I'm particularly partial to ring slings so I have decided that's what will be coming with me to hospital in my bag. I've chosen a particularly special one. A one of a kind handwoven Little Fellows called "Just Keep Swimming". Not only are the colours stunning, but the weaver is a good friend of mine. For one of her wraps to be the first my baby is carried in seems appropriate.

As for buckles, I have two brands, both of whom feel significant. I have a beautiful Ocah half buckle, that was my most loved carrier with S. It's holidayed around a dozen or more of my friends and is battered and loved. Out of all the wrap conversions I've tried and owned, Ocah have always been my favourite, for their simplicity and exquisite workmanship. I also have two standard Connecta carriers. Since I started working as a consultant and sling librarian last year, Connecta have been a fantastic support and their carriers are the absolute backbone of my library stash. I've even managed to convert my die-hard wrapper friend who now has a veritable stash of them. Simple, classic and versatile. What more could you ask for?

And finally woven wraps. A very diverse selection of brands, again ranging from absolute bargains to decadent luxuries, all of them carry a degree of meaning to me. My favourite being my battered, well loved Didymos Nepomuk. One of my first ever wovens and my most treasured carrier of all. I genuinely cannot wait to wrap my new baby in those beautiful soft dragons. If the worst happened and I had to sell all of my carriers barring one, this would be the one that stayed.

I think a lot of pressure has been applied in recent years to have the rare and the expensive in your carrier stash. And whilst that's lovely, nothing can replace the sentiment that comes with a well-used, loved carrier that's packed with memories. One that pops up in holiday photos and snaps of the kids having a bash at wearing their baby sibling. I'm really looking forward to being able to build memories with my newer carriers, and experience nostalgia with the old favourites.