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It's been 14 weeks....

December 11, 2015


Accidentally deleted this blog post. What a plank...



Anyway.... Emilia Scout was born on 27th August 2015 weighing a teeny 6lbs 4oz. I was only 37+6 and was booked in for an elective caesarean the next day. Evidently she was in a hurry and I went into labour spontaneously. As per usual... 


She was born at 01.40 by emergency caesarean and I was able to meet her for a brief moment before getting knocked out with a general so the surgeons could sort out the mess that was my previous section incision which ruptured during my contractions.


When I finally came round, she was 90 minutes old and furious, having been abandoned to a fruitless skin-to-skin with my husband who, much to her frustration, is unable to lactate. She latched straight on to me and stayed there with a really miffed expression on her face for several hours. 


I was stuck in hospital for 5 nights as my incision didn't particularly want to heal. I couldn't move around particularly easily so my ring sling became essential kit. Particularly when getting to the loo. I already had my delightful wound drain to cart around like a poor-taste clutch bag. My walking was wonky at best, albeit stable. Plus she really seemed to enjoy being bound to my front while I wandered the corridors in the dim night-time light. I remember that quite fondly... 




The midwives constantly remarked on what a contented little baby she was (and still is!) and how well she feeds. She's been a champion breastfeeder from day one and as a tiny newborn, was happiest laying alongside me, slurping away. She's happy, relaxed and a gentle little sunbeam. My Meely Moo.



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December 19, 2015

December 11, 2015

December 6, 2015

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