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Happy New Year, babywearers!

Ok, I know that’s not an original or engaging title. But it’s the 1st of January so frankly that’s as good as it gets!

Typically for me, I am starting the new year with a(nother) diet and steady determination that I will lose that pesky 3 stone I’ve been carrying around since I had my first child. Given that he’s now 9, you can draw your own conclusions as to how well that will go. However, I am trying to at least get some better eating habits. After only 5 days on Slimming world, I think I’ve eaten more fresh fruit and veg than I ate in all of December. And November…

I also thought it would be fun to try the 30 Day Wrap Challenge, where I use a different woven wrap carry every day with Emilia. I figured if nothing else, it might extend my repertoire a little. It’s a common misconception that Babywearing Consultants know how to do all known carries, which means that when someone asks me for a consultation to teach them the Rainbow Porcupine Carry with Flange Finish, they are likely to get a pretty blank look. Or if online, a significant pause while I hurriedly scan You Tube for clues. We’re taught the 4 basic wrap passes that all form the basis of these carries. Break that carry down, they are all just a combination of torso, ruck, rebozo and cross passes. We’re also taught how to generally break down carries in order to teach them.

As I was saying (before my train of thought wandered elsewhere), I am now having a bash at this challenge. I found the list online but could only find teeny little Pinterest images which I can’t flipping read, so I have copied it purely so I can read it. Full credit remains with the good folk at BWI-BA. I’m uploading a picture a day to my Facebook page, together with details of the wrap that I’m using and the You Tube link I’ve used. When I’m done, I’ll knock up another blog post with all the links on for reference.

Today’s effort, for your reference, is a Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) and I’m using a very beautiful Artipoppe Argus Rock n Roll that I have here on holiday from a friend. This is my absolute favourite carry, both as the one I use most myself and also as the first carry that I teach beginners. Have a go!