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Review: Little Fellows "Light of the Seven".

A lot of people automatically ignore handwoven wraps, assuming the prices to be out of reach. Girasol have of course been providing us with beautiful handwoven pieces since forever at unbelievable prices, but the high-end artisan wraps are out of reach for most of us. Some of them are worth over a thousand English shekels. OK if you have that sort of cash kicking about, but most of us don't.

The point of my ramble is not to criticise wrap values or those who can/can't afford them. The reason the market is so very vibrant is that there are options for every purse. From the pre-loved £30 Little Frog to the unicorn-hair handwoven, we've all found our special wrap and love them, warts and all. The purpose of my waffling is to review a particularly interesting wrap...

For the last few weeks, I've had a very delicious handwoven living with me. It's a new concept from English weaving wizard Little Fellows. The idea is to bridge the gap between affordable machine wovens and unattainable high-end wraps with a beautiful, quality handwoven wrap at a reasonable price. She's called it her "seasonal warp", and the idea is that the warp will be available for a set time and at any point you can order a bit of it. The warp itself will be cotton and the customer gets a choice of cotton or cotlin wefts in a variety of colours (semi-custom, y'all!). The wrap is then woven in a delicious pebble weave in the customer's chosen length and hey presto! Your new handwoven is born. Or something like that, anyway.

Now obviously, they're still not dirt cheap. You get what you pay for with yarn (she uses Swedish-milled Egyptian cotton and they're still a lot of man hours, but her first warp was £275 for a 5m, £250 for a 4m and 3m £225. Don't quote me on this but I've heard that her next Seasonal warp is due to be even less than that. But is it worth the money?

In a word, yes. I had a 5m purple weft cotton version here for nearly a month. Now, I make no secret of my shoddy back wrapping skills. I am "blessed" with stumpy Tyrannosaurus Rex arms so my Double Hammocks are usually weirdly droopy in places. But not with Light of the Seven. Every single time I wore it I produced a wrap job that was at least adequate. There were a few that were world class. Seriously. I spent a lot of time finding windows in which to admire my reflection. I was wrapping royalty.

I've put this down to the fact that the wrap suits all of my requirements exactly, thanks to the pebble weave. I love a thin wrap for multi-layer carries particularly, but to be perfectly honest, I'm just not a thick wrap kinda girl. This wrap is extremely thin and malleable. It has a generous diagonal stretch to it too so wrapping really was like bandaging. Despite having a full five metres of fabric, I found it very manageable due to it having a nice weight to it. It drapes beautifully but tightens satisfyingly snugly. The pebble weave gives enough texture for a cheeky bit of grip - enough to hold it all as you're wrapping but not so much that the passes get caught up. The knot was a sensible size (giant knots are a no-no Chez Judge) and it was very kind to my shoulders. Other wraps of similar thinness would perhaps be diggy and not very supportive but Emilia felt entirely bound to me and part of my mass.

As a very thorough reviewer (cough...) I brought it into my sling library a couple of times. Several people had a go with it and I also sent it home with two of my volunteers for a week each. All of them agreed that this is a surprisingly special wrap. All agreed that the weave was excellent and absolutely the perfect weight and texture for a long wrap. As Emilia is quite tiny for nearly 6 months (despite her appearing to be a lardball), it was interesting to hear feedback both from newborn mamas and also mums with chunky and older babies. Again, all positive. Soft and light enough to gently hold a teeny squish, supportive enough to hold toddlers and little chubbers.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's really REALLY nice! It's elegant but unpretentious. I felt I could wrap in a car park or on the drive without getting precious about it. I could use it every day and not save it for best, which is exactly what I want from a wrap. The colour and design were typically Little Fellows. Classic but original. Vibrant and yet really tasteful. It's an absolute peach and such good value. The fact that I was so reluctant to let it go speaks volumes.