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"Thanks, I'll pass..."

I know, I know. I'm constantly carping about the state of the pre-loved market. I can't help it. I'm still stuck in the days when my car failing its MOT was a simple matter of whacking a few slings up for sale and the problem going away. These days I have a small box of wraps hidden in my daughters' bedroom because I can't face looking at the wretched not-selling things. Gloating with undesirability.

One of the things that's really bothering me at the moment is the amount of bulls**t you get from potential buyers. I'd really like to put this message out there. To implore you to consider my words before fobbing us off with anything other than "thanks, it's not for me, I'll pass".

It's a simple sentence isn't it? It's polite. Not rude or curt. But it clearly gives the seller the correct message. This person does not want to buy this wrap. Brilliant. On we go. Instead, consider the alternatives. The misleading and the downright untruthful gubbins that we're fobbed off with daily in order that the other party might retain their British stiff upper-lip and not "upset" us or risk a very unlikely confrontation.

"I'll have a think..."

"Ok, I need to check with my husband."

"I need to check my child likes this colour."

"Let me check my PayPal."

"I'll let you know tomorrow/on Wednesday/when Lucifer himself glides past on ice skates."

9 times out of 10 (and that's being charitable) you will never hear from them again. But in the meantime you might say to someone you're just waiting to hear back from another buyer. The market is poor, if someone is interested, I want them to fling their money at me immediately, before they decide that little Snowflake doesn't suit that particular shade of blue. Or their husband is finding his masculinity drawn into question by the pattern. So I now take all of the above responses as a flat "no thank you".